IMPA Hall of Fame Introduction

To all IMPA members and non-members alike:

The Idaho Milk Processors Association is proud to announce that we are accepting nominations for this years award through April 1st of this year.

This award is to recognize an individual who has made a major contribution to the Idaho Milk Processing Industry.  This person will be recognized for his/her accomplishments, years of commitment, membership and leadership in local, state and national organizations, etc.

This person may come from education, government, or industry (processor or supplier).

Please complete the attached form to describe in detail whom you wish to nominate and why you have nominated the person you feel is most deserving of this prestigious award.

2017 Inductee - Harvey Jensen

2016 Inductee - Dave Thomas

2015 Inductee - Earl (Bud) Gilmartin, Jr.

2014 Inductee - Marv Patten

2013 Inductee - Paul Brog

2012 Inductee - Dolores Wheeler

2011 Inductee - CW Ward

2010 Inductee - Pat Tate

2009 Inductee - Calvin Nelson

2008 Inductee - Ivan Miller

2007 Inductee - Dr.John Montoure

Nominations may be mailed to IMPA at

IMPA, PO box  5355, Twin Falls,  83303-5355
Or, simply emailed to

**Click here to download IMPA Hall of Fame Nomination Form**